Feature and Review: “Connor” by Dormaine G

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About the Book2

“I, Connor, thought I was the average sarcastic teenager, living a normal boring life like everyone else with a crazy, annoying family. Wrong. I recently discovered that I have certain abilities. Abilities that link me to others like me, and others, unlike me, who want to cause me harm. 
I found out this world is not what I thought, as well as the strange creatures in it, and that frightens me. I had to grow up fast and find the strength to defend myself from those beings who don’t want me here or who will take my strengths by any means necessary. 
Throughout this craziness, I met a wonderful guy named Tony, who has abilities too. With him and five others like us we discover who we are and how we came to be. 
Then there is Ronin, a being who is young, smart, and cunning. He is set on taking his revenge out on me yet I have no idea why.”

My Review

Connor is Dormaine G’s debut novel, and I must say that I am pleased with this author’s work. She did an awesome job in opening up her main character to readers. The author takes a seemingly regular teenager and makes the possibilities endless for her. As Connor comes into her own and discovers some fascinating “things” about herself and deals with regular issues that we’ve faced as teenagers ourselves, I could actually imagine myself as her. And it’s an exciting journey to see how a regular teenager acquires powers, maneuvers through. Moreover the supporting characters make the journey that much more intriguing. I like how the author took her time in allowing the plot to unfold, even setting up the story for the next book.
I also loved the concept and execution. The character of Connor is well-developed and practically jumps right off of the pages. She is likable, strong and highly relatable. Clearly, Dormaine G is in her element as she knows how to capture readers with skill, adding humor to this YA/Paranormal read. I hope that this is the first of many books in this series because there is so much possibility with Connor’s story.

About the Author

(I was able to ask Dormaine G several questions about her debut novel. Check it out below.)

Q: Connor is your debut novel, and the first of the series.

How important is it to provide a strong opening to a series?

A: I feel it is one of the key elements in telling a story. When you start off strong it pulls the reader in which is want you want in order for them to keep reading and wanting to know more. If you wait until the end for the climax then what will keep the reader interested.

Q: What do you believe to be the most significant characteristics of Connor?

A: She’s a survivor, adaptable and strong willed. She has her breaking moments but then she gets right back up and keeps fighting through her weaknesses. She doesn’t believe failure is an option. Plus, her sarcasm is a major characteristic of hers that tends to get her into trouble but what’s living without a little trouble.

Q: In your own words, what can readers expect from the entire series?

A: The series is about a diverse group of teenagers who discover just how special they are. Although, they each come from different backgrounds, they are one in the same in regards to their abilities. In saying that they, learn that the people in their lives are not as they appear and through betrayal learn who not to trust. Also, they realize that their safe haven is not so safe and must find a way to protect not only themselves but the world they call home and that sometimes rebelling is the only option even if no one stands behind you.

Q: When do you anticipate the remaining books will be released?

A: Connor (book 2) should be out late summer and book three the beginning of next year.








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